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The Dicemen are a 4 piece band featuring Andy (singer, keyboards & guitar), Wayne (bass guitar), Dave (Lead Guitar & backing vocals) and Tony/Jon (Drums).  We've been together for 9 years and have played many great weddings, parties and pub nights. We have a professional amplification system that sounds great even in large halls and marquees, along with our own lighting effects.  We play a great mix of music from recent songs like Killers and Kings of Leon right to 60's classics from the Beatles and the Kinks.  We have so many songs to pick from we can choose a selection to suit any event.

"Thank you Dicemen for making our wedding rock!  Your guys are a brilliant band!  Your performance can be summed up by everyone shouting 'More', you guys replying 'you have a choice of 2 songs' and everyone shouting back 'BOTH'!  You had everyone from Becky's 5 year old nephew to Mike's 82 year old Gran on the dance floor" - Mike & Becky

Here's answers to a few popular questions we get asked...

How long do you play for?
We’re flexible but as a guide a normal night is a first set to around 50 minutes then a break (for night events a lot of people have some food at this point) and then another set of around 50 minutes followed by some encores.
What time do you start?
It's up to you – let us know what you want.  We need around 1 hour to set up our equipment and lights.  For a lot of evening events we arrive at 7pm – and are ready to go by 8pm.  Most people want us to do our first set between 8 and 9.  Have a break and then back on at say 10 to end the night.  We’re fully flexible just let us know!
We have a DJ or don’t have a DJ!
If you have a DJ that’s great – see the question about start times and just have a think what time you want us to play and when the DJ is going to come on.  If you don’t have a DJ we have both a CD player and a connector to plug ipods/mp3 players in – so we can put your music selection through our speakers before and after we play.  Let us know in advance so we bring the correct equipment!
We have a special song we want played
Please let us know about this when you book.  Sometimes we might be able to do it with a full band and sometimes due to the arrangement of the song we might do it with just piano or guitar and the singer (or singer with a backing track).  Or we can just play the original version through our PA system!  Let us know as soon as you can and we’ll tell you what we can do.
We want a first song for the bride and groom to dance to
See the question above if you want the band to do a song that’s not on our current list.  Other options are to play the song through our CD player or via an ipod/mp3 player (let us know in advance).
How far will you travel?
There’s no hard and fast rule – get in touch with your venue and dates and we will let you know very quickly if it is possible. 
What is the cost?
Please contact us using one of the routes and the bottom and we’ll give you an idea depending on location & requirements. 

Will you perform for charity
Yes - we're happy to support good causes if we are free. 

Please get in touch as soon as you can with any questions  - we’ll do our best to help!